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Rich Man In Training - Business Fast Start Group

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Business Fast Start Group
  • ​Step 0: Getting Started (Making your business idea real)
  • ​Step 1: Making it legal (Setting up your business entity)
  • ​Step 2: Getting to know your real market (Building your client profile)
  • ​Step 3: Define your core (Why your business can provide your customer with a solution)
  • ​Step 4: Quantify your value proposition (Calculate market, projected income, and expenses)
  • Step 5: Build business model (Determine your best business model)
  • ​Step 6: Marketing your business (Developing your marketing strategy (email, social media, website, etc.)
  • ​Step 7: Mapping out your business (Writing your business plan and investor pitch deck)
  • ​Step 8: Raising Capital (Create a strategy on how to raise the capital to start your business)
    **Business Fast Start Group" comes With a 24hr. Money Back Hassle Free Guarantee, Please See Terms and Conditions
    MBA Level Knowledge
    Street Hustler Insight
    Real World Success 
    • Every Training is carefully designed with step by step instruction so you can immediately put it to work. 
    • Every Training comes from real world experiences. We didn't just learn this shit in a book.
    • If you didn't get value from the knowledge we share we have a simple 3 day money back guarantee. 
    • Are focus is to help you get your return on investment as quick as possible, unlike many other programs including college. 
    Business Master Knowledge - Street Hustler Insight - Real Entrepreneur
    Get MBA Level Knowledge
    Thomas spent over $150K and 6 Years earning two Business Degrees, one being an Executive MBA from the prestigious Drucker School of Management. He's going to teach you the same knowledge he received from world famous educators that have guided the leadership of IBM, Edward  Jones, Apple, Sony, BMW, and Microsoft in fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost that he invested to get this knowledge. NO BULLSHIT! You're going to get the same MBA level knowledge he received without having to cough up a $150K to go to "Business School." 
    Get The Insight of a Hustler
    Many of the biggest names in business started off hustling in the streets. So did Mr. Rich Man In Training. He started his Entrepreneur run at 17 yrs. old hustling in the streets of Pomona, CA building a $80K a month network before being sent to prison for 6 years at the age of 19. To quote the arresting detective "I couldn't believe it was you. You're just kid."After his release from prison he used his hustlers insight to go from sweeping floors in a warehouse to running an $60 Million Business Division of the Corporation, before moving going to his first love Entrepreneurship.
    Real World Business Success 
    Real Talk - How could someone by giving you the Truth when they themselves haven't really done it. Everyone is selling hype and air, making their money off this hype and that air, but has never really done it themselves. They're calling themselves experts and gurus ripping people off. Thomas doesn't make his money off selling hype and air. He owns a real Business Consulting firm advising clients from his real world experiences while running a $60 Million Business Division, $2 Million Cloud Company, and his own business start-ups. 
    So What Are You Waiting For?
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